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Detailed Information on Gay Dating by: CRUSH DATING
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Gay Dating Advice - 5 Simple Yet Highly Effective Tips to Look for Mr. Right Online

Meeting someone really interesting online in chat rooms happens all the time, but meeting Mr. Right online seems a little bit rarer and scarier. No one can deny that people sometimes use these applications to feed their criminal needs, and yet there are stories out there that seem too good to be true and yet are true. So if you think you may have found Mr. Right online, here are the five simple tips that could help you out. (Note that this is also true for lesbian dating tips)



Tip No. 1 - gay dating help says that chatting online can lead to certain types of intimacies so it is not surprising to reveal something about yourself to the friend on the other side. When you continue to talk to each other, it would be best to save all the conversations in your account. Not to sound calculating or suspicious, but you could actually study the conversation and look for inconsistencies. Many a time people thought they found the right guy and yet on further study, the inconsistencies in what they had written are too obvious to be missed. A man who is not lying is very consistent with his messages.

Tip No. 2 - when the chatting relationship has gone on for some time, gay dating advices say that somewhere along the line one of you would want to meet. Before going eyeball to eyeball, why not just put on the video cam or use Skype? This way you could talk to each other face to face and see each other. Keep to this type of conversation until you are both ready to take the next step.

Tip No. 3 - when you do decide to meet, make arrangements for doing it in a public place. This way if he has his own suspicions and fears you both meet on neutral ground. If after that first meeting you both want to continue seeing each other than you can, this time physically, not virtually.

Tip No. 4 - if you found that chatting with him was comfortable you find that he is even more comforting in person and you prefer this person to the virtual one, and the feeling seems to be mutual. It may take some time but you both want to continue with the relationship and make arrangements to meet each other more often if not regularly.

Tip No. 5 - eventually you both know that you have found the other half in each other. There does not seem to be anything negative with your relationship and your family likes him too, so does his. Reaching a decision to go into a deeper relationship seems effortless for both of you and is accepted by all, and then you know that this is Mr. Right.




Bisexual Men: How to Save Money on Gay Trips

If you are planning on going on some gay trips, you want to be able to save money without sacrificing the vacation of a lifetime. When people think about going on vacation, they want something that is going to be fun and entertaining but doesn't cost a lot of money. Therefore, it is best to watch for deals so you can get the most vacation for the least amount of money possible.

One of the first ways to save on your vacation is to monitor websites for prices and special deals that can appear at any time. However, in general, it is important to remember that the closer to booking time, the more likely the prices will go up, so don't wait too long. As soon as you know when you want to go and where, start pricing the vacations online. You may even be able to set up alerts so you can be notified if prices drop.

The time of year you go on gay trips can also have a direct impact on the price. Many tourist areas have specific on and off seasons. The busier times are considered the tourist season and often carry a higher price tag due to the high demand. However, if you are flexible with your vacation dates, you can choose a low-volume time for the location and save money on the same accommodations and activities enjoyed by those who travel during the peak season.

Another easy way to save money on your trip is to carefully consider your options. Some vacation packages include more than what you need. If the vacation includes more than you will use, you are paying for something you could do without. Price your vacation out in separate pieces, such as airfare, hotel, activities and food, and compare it with the full vacation package. In some cases, the package can save you money, even with the extras. In other cases, you are better off creating your own vacation.

Gay trips don't have to be expensive affairs. If you check websites on a regular basis to watch for price drops and choose to travel in the off season, you can save a lot of money on your trip. Likewise, you need to be frugal by comparing the price of your vacation as a package and as separate pieces to find out which one is the better deal for you. What is a good deal for someone else may not offer you same advantages.



Bisexual Men: The Complete Gay Guide on How to Be Friends with a Straight Male


Some straights run the first sight of gay guys... so the question is how to be friends with a straight male?

There is actually a lot to having straight buddies than just a platonic, brotherly relationship. One, you will never know when you want to convert one into a bed buddy, and two being around a straight male... yes, it is exactly the point - you get the chance to be around a hot straight guy, plus his other equally steamy friends that he might bring along.

But to be friends with a straight male can be tricky if he repels the moment he sees gay guys, so go around his homosexual phobia by stopping yourself from acting like a loud, obnoxious, queen flaming gay. No, you are not lying to him about your true identity - you are gay and nothing can change that, but putting your best foot forward in order to have the chance to be friends with a straight male is something else. You don't have to put on a show, just don't do anything crazy, preferably, try to be like him.

It works because of two dimensions:

First, consider that the straight world, in which the straight male you are trying to befriend thrives, is a narrow one. Your straight companion may have worries of being associated as gay when he is seen in public with an obvious gay guy, so you have to ease this tension.

Secondly, when he sees you as a person not so different from him, it will be easier for him to treat you as an equal, be comfortable with you, and welcome you to the pack, which is exactly your goal in order to eventually snag him, or either one of his gorgeous friends.